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Our technology

After years of research, our team has created the most advanced fireplace systems for everyday use. With automatic filling systems and bioethanol vapor ignition technology, we have been able to create the most intelligent and advanced system on the market.

CO2-neutral combustion

Our systems use an internal fuel reservoir which is separate from the burner line. From this tank, the bioethanol is transferred to the evaporation chamber where the fuel is converted into vapours. Finally, these vapors are transferred to the third and final tank: the combustion chamber. Here the bio-ethanol vapors are ignited, creating a beautiful and playful play of flames.

In addition to the fact that the fuel never comes in direct contact with the flames, making it much safer than any other system on the market, the ignition of vapors also significantly reduces the actual fuel consumption. On average, Neverdark fire systems produce over 30% more burn time than other bioethanol fireplaces.

AEVB technology

Our unique AEVB technology is characterized by the way in which the actual combustion of bioethanol takes place. Where most bioethanol fireplaces ignite the fuel directly and leave the fire in constant contact with the fuel, our AEVB technology provides a safer and more effective way of burning.

Safety is a top priority

Almost all of our fireplaces, both individual burners and stand-alone variants, use semi- or fully automatic tank systems and the reservoir is separate from the burner. By connecting the pump to the connection on the fireplace, bioethanol is easily transferred from the bottle/jerry can to the fuel chamber. Not only is this method a lot safer, it also prevents the chamber from overfilling as the pump automatically fills the chamber to the correct amount. When filling our automatic model where you use a funnel to pour the ethanol liquid into the fireplace, you will also hear a beep when the reservoir is full due to the built-in sensors inside the fireplace.

For the semi-automatic option, the fueling is done by the pump, but the user must attach the hose on one side and the bottle/canister on the other. Although more secure, this method still requires some manual action. To completely avoid manual intervention, our fully automatic system, the ASR-500 module, can be connected to the fireplace. By simply placing a larger container of bioethanol (for example 5L) and placing it out of sight, the fireplace automatically fills the reservoir as soon as it detects a low fuel level.

Manual vs. Automatic

Manual bioethanol burners consist of a metal container with ceramic wool or a ceramic stone (to absorb the liquid). These burners must be manually filled and ignited with bioethanol, but also manually closed to extract the oxygen and extinguish the flames. In other words: a high risk of spilling highly flammable liquids and manual extinguishing with hands near the fire. In addition, the burning process of manual burners is often erratic and uncontrollable and the contents of the burner remain hot after it has been extinguished. All the drawbacks of manual burners are eliminated with automatic burners.

  • PureFlames bio ethanol

    Experience clean, odorless and soot-free combustion with pure bioethanol made from crops such as grain (wheat, barley and rye), sugar beet, maize, potatoes, sugar cane and vegetable residues.

  • Smart control via the mobile app

    The burners are operated via the Neverdark mobile application. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of fire in minutes and regulate from the palm of your hand.

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