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Chalet-II burner

From  5.188,00

The Chalet series is one of the safest automatic bioethanol fireplaces currently available. It combines the stylish beauty of a traditional fireplace with the fresh approach of modern innovation.


The Neverdark Chalet II is the most advanced automatic bio-ethanol burner available at the moment. Never before has it been possible to place a ceramic log set with associated decoration over the fire line with drainless fireplace solutions. The Chalet II makes this possible.

The Neverdark Chalet II

With the unique, powerful AEVB technology, bioethanol liquid is kept cold in an internal tank and partially transported to an evaporation chamber. From the evaporation chamber, the bioethanol vapors are pushed through the wide firing line and then ignited through the center of the firing line. Because the bioethanol liquid does not come into contact with the fire, Neverdark fireplaces are extremely safe. It combines the warmth and fire experience of a traditional fireplace, but without the required flue, odors, soot or air-polluting emissions such as particulate matter.

  • Modern technology of evaporating bioethanol
  • Insulated fuel tank (no direct contact between fuel and flame)
  • Flames can be adjusted in height
  • Completely covered with stones, ceramic firewood and flickering coals
  • External ASR-500 Control
  • Advanced Safety Sensors
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Remote control included, control via app possible
  • Dimensions: 70 cm to 120 cm
  • 9.1L tank capacity – up to 11 hours burn time
  • 5 different flame heights
  • 5.7 – 15.4 kW heat output

The technology and the structure of the fireplace have been developed in such a way that it always gives an even and continuous flame. Disturbances in the firing line are not acceptable. To provide the highest level of safety and comfort, the fireplace is equipped with multiple safety sensors. This helps to detect any irregularities during the operation of the device. This specific design makes it possible to stop the burning process in the event of errors or situations involving hazards when the burner is activated. The AEVB technology offers a fully controlled, safe, clean and beautiful fire without a chimney or other hard connections.

The filling process is done automatically by the ASR-500 module with the Chalet II. This module is incorporated in a niche and is connected to a 5L jerry can. The fireplace communicates with this external module, so that you only have to disconnect a jerry can when the burner is automatically filled.

Additional information

  • Width size

    700mm, 1200mm

  • Diepte
  • Garantie

    3 years

  • Hoogte

    460mm (standard)

  • Instelbare vlam

    Yes, 5 flame heights

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