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Firetec burner

The Firetec burner is filled with our developed technologies that make enjoying a cozy fire more enjoyable and less of a hassle. With a built-in automatic fuel pump, LCD screen and easy to use application to set the flame height and fire intensity, the Firetec burner is a one of a kind fireplace.

The ultimate intelligent fireplace that can be used in any setting

The possibilities of the Firetec burner are unlike any other that exist in the current market. Yet, its clean design and available sizes make it suitable for pretty much every home setting. The built-in LCD monitor and app make it possible to re-fuel and control the fireplace with just the press of a button.

  • Heat-resistant installation

    The Firetec burners can be supplied with ready-made thermoboxes for room dividers, corner units or other interior concepts.

  • Any fire view possible

    Thermoboxes are available in front view, side views (left or right), three-sided, see-through (tunnel) or as a room divider. With dimensions up to 270 cm, it is suitable for any furniture concept.

Refueling your fireplace safely and fast

The connected mobile application shows when the appliance is active, what the (remaining) amount of bioethanol liquid is and at what flame height the burner is. The control valve on the device is opened no-touch by a sensor at the top left of the black glass top plate. This can only be opened for topping up with bioethanol liquid when the appliance is not activated. The mobile app shows how much bioethanol liquid is being filled and indicates when the device contains enough bioethanol liquid.

  • Smart Home Connection

    Firetec burners are available with Smart Home modules for universal home automation products. For example, the fireplace can be operated via voice control. The system can also actively inform about device status.

  • Fire in an instant

    Firetec burners are operated through the Neverdark mobile application. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of fire in minutes and regulate from the palm of your hand.

  • Smart refill systems

    The integrated pump draws bioethanol liquid into the internal tank within seconds through the supplied filling hose. After filling, liquid residue is automatically sucked out of the hose, so that spillage is eliminated. Firetec burners can also be equipped with an external refill system.

  • Extend the burning hours

    The standard tank capacity varies per width of Firetec burners. This content can provide a maximum number of burning hours. To extend burning hours, for example for catering applications, the internal tanks can be enlarged.

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