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Chalet burner

The Chalet burner is the ultimate combination of smart technology together with the authentic look and feel of a wood burning fireplace. Through added stones, ceramic firewood and flickering coals this fireplace creates the cozy vibe so many are looking for without compromising on possibilities and technology.

An authentic look with innovative 21st century technology

Our Chalet burner is easily recognisable. The ceramic firewood and flickering coals give off a familiar and authentic look that so many people still want in their homes. Yet, with a wireless remote that controls flame height, an automatic built-in fuel pump and LCD screen that shows information on burning times and fuel levels, this authentic looking fireplace has a lot more to offer than its old school counterpart.

Modernize an existing fireplace

A wood-burning stove is bad for health and the environment. In 2050, the Netherlands wants to get rid of gas. You must have heard a lot about it. Thanks to smart techniques, the emission of harmful substances from our fireplaces is greatly reduced, because our fireplaces do not emit harmful substances. The Chalet-I burner has been developed especially for existing homes with fireplaces and old-fashioned fireplaces. With the AEVB technology without flue and the appearance of authentic stoves, the focus is not only on saving consumption costs, but above all on health and the environment. Effortless replacement in existing fireplaces with traditional fireplaces.

  • Heat-resistant installation

    The Chalet burners can be supplied with ready-made thermoboxes for room dividers, corner units or other interior concepts.

  • Any fire view possible

    Thermoboxes are available in front view, side views (left or right), three-sided, see-through (tunnel) or as a room divider. With dimensions up to 150 cm, it is suitable for any furniture concept.

  • Smart refill systems

    The external refill system ARS-500 allows the burner to be filled and operated remotely. This means that the burner never needs to be touched. The integrated pump draws bioethanol liquid into the internal tank within seconds. After filling, liquid residues are automatically sucked out of the hose, so that spillage is eliminated.

  • Fire in an instant

    Chalet burners are operated through the Neverdark mobile application. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of fire in minutes and regulate from the palm of your hand.

  • Smart Home Connection

    Chalet II burners are available with Smart Home modules for universal home automation products. For example, the fireplace can be operated via voice control. The system can also actively inform about the device status.

  • Extend the burning hours

    The standard tank capacity varies according to the width of Chalet burners. This content can provide a maximum number of burning hours. To extend burning hours, for example for catering applications, the internal tanks can be enlarged.

Ultimate fire experience

The bottom of the Chalet burners are perforated and designed to strongly push through bioethanol liquid vapors when the burner is activated. This makes it possible to place decorative accessories over the fire line and to match the flame image of old-fashioned counterparts.

  • Vape inflammation

    When the burner is activated, bioethanol liquids are evaporated. The vapors are then burned with the electric igniters and the Chalet burner can burn successively.

  • Ceramic decoration

    The perforated bottom spreads the burning bioethanol vapors over the entire width. So powerful that the flames come through the ceramic decoration.

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