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Project Torenlaan - Blaricum

With Neverdark fireplaces, such as the Firetec 1500, the ultimate fire is created by processing a dark black top glass plate. This gives the fire a depth effect, giving the flames more volume. A detail for more luxury and richer in flames on the eye.

A room divider as an eye-catcher in the avenue of Baarn

The Firetec 1500 with Thermbox 1600 Room Divider is placed in the living room. With the high ceilings and open space, it is impossible to look around the furniture object. This makes the bio-ethanol fireplace a real eye-catcher for the interior. Due to the energy-efficient AEVB system, the power of the burner can be easily reduced while maintaining a beautiful flame image. This way it never gets too hot in the spacious living room and it is therefore not necessary to set the fire low or extinguish it. You can continue to enjoy a beautiful and beautiful flame image and save up to 50% on energy consumption.