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Project Rijnhaven - Rotterdam

The complete transformation to a modern loft in Rijnhaven with Firetec 1200 with Thermobox 1300 and Automatic 1000. With two Neverdark fireplace combinations in one room, the sleek whole comes to life with warm earth tones.

Stylish loft in the heart of Rotterdam

The Automatic series is one of the safest automatic bioethanol fireplaces currently available. It combines the fresh approach of modern innovation with the real fire. One of the customer’s wishes was the realization of a retaining wall. The main reason for the retaining wall was to make the room one with the fireplace. In this case with concrete stucco. Ultimately, this wish was realized over a width of approximately 260 cm and extended over the entire floor and ceiling. In combination with wood tones, the interior is neither robust nor spacious, and the flames of both fireplaces really come into their own.