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Project Lassuslaan - Bilthoven

The entire appearance of the Automatic 1500 brings atmosphere and experience to the interior. One of the things that really stands out is the custom-made natural stone finish. For example, the TV wall has a width of just over 280 cm with Fior di Bosco marble. A marble from the Italian region of Tuscany with warm gray features with irregular yet elegant veining.

Peace and luxury in the central Netherlands

The central Netherlands is also becoming greener and homes are being delivered without a permanent natural gas connection. This is also the case in the Lassuslaan in Bilthoven. In this new-build home from 2019, an Automatic 1500 with Thermobox 1600 Linkerhoek has been realized that burns on bio-ethanol. This green alternative ensures that you can still enjoy a lovely fire here without the presence of natural gas.