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Project Gustav Mahlerlaan - Amsterdam

Hotel chic, spacious and modern. Those were the wishes for this project. And so it happened: the Automatic 1500 with Thermobox Doorkijk 1600 is the ultimate connector for two rooms. Neverdark's AEVB technology vaporizes bioethanol liquid. This ensures that the bioethanol liquid remains cold in a tank and that the burner burns extremely safely. Also for moister situations.

Two spaces connected with class in Amsterdam South

On one side the side of the bathroom with Cleaf S185 Quercia decorative wood-look panel material. Decorative (non-heat-resistant) sheet material is possible because Thermoboxes from Neverdark are supplied with ceramic fiber as standard, and do not require a flue. This is heat-resistant up to 1200 degrees, which means that a decorative finish can be applied immediately (always ask for advice prior to a project).

The other side has a TV with fireplace combination with concrete ciré stucco in brown tone. Ideal to enjoy a home cinema experience from bed, with the luxury and warmth of a fireplace!