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Bio-ethanol fuel

In developing the forefront of smart fireplaces, our team made the specific decision to use bio-ethanol as the fuel for our system. Because, besides offering the possibility of a tremendous amount of safety, it also fits our views on the future and the impact we want to leave on the earth.

The history of bio-ethanol usage in fireplaces

Bio-ethanol has been around for many years. Yet, the beginning stages of its usage in fireplaces were accompanied by unsafe practices. With underdeveloped burners, unreliable combustion systems and a lack of legislation, bio-ethanol started off with the bad reputation of being safe and sustainable fuel for use in fireplaces. 

Luckily, through proper product research and development, bio-ethanol solutions became much safer and have been rising in popularity ever since. And for a logical reason, because besides now being safe in usage, bio-ethanol is an affordable and sustainable alternative to conventional methods of fire like gas and wood.

Bio-ethanol is a form of renewable energy

The popularity of bio-ethanol stems from the fact that it is a form of renewable energy. It is mainly produced from common crops such as hemp, sugarcane, potato, cassava and corn. Although there are several methods of producing bio-ethanol, the most used is through fermentation. During this process, glucose and other sugars contained in the raw materials are converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide. 

When burned, bio-ethanol leaves almost no footprint with very low emissions of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Its low emissions not only make it a more environmentally friendly alternative to the many polluting solutions out there, but also makes for flueless fireplace options. This means that bio-ethanol fireplaces can be placed in pretty much any setting or room in a house, without  smoke or other emissions needing to be channeled out.

Enjoying real fire without the smell, smoke and ashes.

The use of bio-ethanol in our systems has been a very deliberate choice. We wanted to create the best fireplace possible that combined the authentic feel of real fire with the ease of use of many of the smart systems from our current times. With bio-ethanol being one of the only fuel sources for fireplaces that does not require any additional ventilation or channeling of air, we found it to perfectly fit our vision.

  • PureFlames bio-ethanol

    Experience clean, odorless and soot-free combustion with pure bioethanol made from crops such as grain (wheat, barley and rye), sugar beet, maize, potatoes, sugar cane and vegetable residues.

  • Ultimate fire experience

    PureFlames is a high-quality bio-ethanol liquid and ensures safe operation of the automatic bio-ethanol fireplace. This results in a fire that can burn for many hours with colorful, dancing flames.

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