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Automatic burner

Affordable automatic bioethanol burners for every living situation. Available in sizes ranging from 70 cm to 250 cm and can be controlled remotely. Combined with the high-quality matte black powder coat finish and easy installation, this fireplace is excellent for apartments and modern homes. Discover the possibilities of real fire without a flue.

Intelligent fireplace solution

With the AEVB technology (Automatic Ethanol Vapor Burning), bioethanol liquid is evaporated. Most of the bioethanol liquid remains cold in a separate tank, so that the bioethanol liquid does not burn - only the vapors of the bioethanol liquid. This ensures a tight and stable play of flames. In contrast to manual burners, this ensures an extremely safe combustion and the lock system and the supplied refill pump completely eliminates the risk of spillage. The combination of regulating the play of flames up to five flame heights for heat emission and reducing bioethanol consumption, makes the Automatic burner excellent for all interior situations.

  • Heat-resistant installation

    For cupboard walls, room dividers, corner units or other interior concepts, the Automatic burners can be supplied with ready-made thermo boxes.

  • Any fire view possible

    Thermoboxes are available in front view, side views (left or right), three-sided, see-through (tunnel) or as a room divider. With dimensions up to 270 cm, it is suitable for any furniture concept.

Extremely simple operation

The LCD screen shows when the appliance is active, what the (remaining) amount of bioethanol liquid is and at what flame height the burner is set. The right valve can only be opened to top up bioethanol liquid when the appliance is not activated. The LCD screen then shows how much bioethanol liquid is being filled and indicates when the device contains enough bioethanol liquid. When the unit is activated, a lock system on the refill valve is activated.

  • Easy refill

    The integrated bio-ethanol tank is filled manually via the opening behind the valve at the top right of the device. During filling, the LCD screen will indicate when the tank is full, after which the tank can be closed. During activation of the device, the lock system is activated.

  • Fire in an instant

    As with gas fires, Automatic burners can be easily activated with the supplied remote control. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of fire within minutes.

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