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About us

With our experienced team of specialists, we try to renew the fireplace market every day. With our unique offering and advanced technology, our goal is to provide quality, safety and ease of use in fireplaces.

A production line where quality and safety are paramount cover the collection

We are in daily contact with our production line. Not only so that we can guarantee the quality of our products, but also because our fireplaces are made to order for residential and business solutions. All Neverdark fireplaces are assembled by hand and checked to the highest possible quality and safety standards to provide you with the best possible experience.

Innovation & sustainability

You make a valuable difference by introducing actual change. When we started developing our fireplaces, the market came to a standstill. Unsafe options, no innovation and products that lagged behind the times in which we live where sustainability is central. Together with a specialist product team, we developed our line of modern and innovative fireplaces. Not only to make the best possible fireplace experience available to everyone, but also to show that things can be done differently. A safe fireplace for you and a sustainable fireplace for the environment.

For interior specialists

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