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Unique fire technology

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CO2 neutral technology

Almost everything you do releases the greenhouse gas CO2. Your choices for an energy-efficient home, conscious eating and sustainable transport make a lot of difference. This is important, because greenhouse gases cause climate change. Enough reasons why the Netherlands wants to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by 2050. The energy transition is therefore in full swing. Neverdark's sustainable fireplaces burn on the vapors of bioethanol liquid. A natural liquid made from crops, such as grain (wheat, barley and rye), sugar beet, maize, potatoes, sugar cane and vegetable scraps. Bioethanol is known for lower CO2 emissions and does not require a flue gas outlet as a smoke and soot free fire source.

A showpiece in every home

  • Heat-resistant installation

    For cupboard walls, room dividers, corner units or other interior concepts, Neverdark burners can be supplied with ready-made thermo boxes.

  • Smartcontrol via Mobile app

    The burners are operated via the Neverdark mobile application. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of fire in minutes and regulate from the palm of your hand.

  • Smart refill systems

    The integrated pump draws bioethanol liquid into the internal tank within seconds through the supplied filling hose. After filling, liquid residues are automatically sucked out of the hose, so that spillage is eliminated. Firetec burners can also be equipped with an external refill system.

  • PureFlames bio ethanol

    Experience clean, odorless and soot-free combustion with pure bioethanol made from crops such as grain (wheat, barley and rye), sugar beet, maize, potatoes, sugar cane and vegetable residues.

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